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Application of GPS/Beidou Synchronous Clock System in Dajijia People's Hospital

Release time:2022-12-26    This article is read :101 second

Recently, Dajijia People's Hospital in Yantai Huangbo New Area has used our GPS/Beidou synchronization system, which provides an accurate and unified time benchmark for the hospital's network system.

Dajijia People's Hospital was founded in 1958. The medical facilities of the new hospital are more advanced and intelligent, and the medical environment is more beautiful and comfortable, which will provide residents with higher level medical services.

The medical synchronous clock system is a high-tech product for time calibration of computers, medical equipment, intelligent systems, etc. in hospitals. The GPS/Beidou synchronous clock system obtains time data from satellites. The host computer of the system processes and converts the time information into big data, providing accurate time guarantee and time stamp for the intelligent management of hospitals. It ensures the punctuality, safety and stability of the whole hospital's intelligent system.




The role of medical synchronous clock system in hospitals:

The hospital requires the equipment management personnel and maintenance personnel to incorporate the time calibration into the daily monitoring to ensure the accuracy of the clock. Synchronize the devices that can be included in the unified clock management with the clock source.

All kinds of medical application software systems should ensure that the time obtained is standard time, which can only be high-precision synchronous clock time rather than local computer time, to avoid time inconsistency.

The synchronous clock system can provide standard time for medical equipment, such as laser therapy, ECG, imaging, operating room, HIS, EMR, LIS, PACS and other digital equipment and systems, and can manage time information for intelligent medical systems.

Time is an important part of the medical process, and standard time is an important factor that cannot be ignored in the construction of hospital informatization. Only the synchronous clock system can ensure the coordinated and orderly work of all links of the hospital, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the medical system with time as the main line. Yantai Everlasting Time has conducted in-depth research on the clock of the medical system, and launched a series of medical synchronous clock products, providing standard time guarantee for the intelligent construction of the medical system!

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